Li’ve Progress 21 February 2018

Sorry for not posting last week, but life happened and I didn’t get much writing done. This week I got back at it and have reached 96,000 words. Li’ve is going to be a long one.

I finished writing the big space battle and revealed the original purpose for the Neptune Orbital Station. It wasn’t always a massive colony. Like towns that dot the western US, it got its start as a fort. The fort is still part of the station and the guns are still active.

The beginning of the battle goes Kita’s way. She’s well prepared to handle the Djinn force she leads into UEE space. This gives some old characters new roles to play. Sheppard is in command, you love or hate her. The new Angel Jammer gets to shows off what she can do. During the battle, Enterprise has to make a daring hundred mile sprint to reach UEE lines.

For the second half of the battle, Kita and the UEE are forced to retreat back to Neptune after a much larger Djinn force drops in from FTL. If anyone read the comments from a few weeks ago a friend of mine M. A. Gardner posted his opposition to my giant force-on-force space battles in favor of smaller cat-and-mouse engagements between just a few ships. I put my reply in Li’ve, but in a nutshell, the problem with that is if you can get above and below the ecliptical plane you can see anywhere in a system, so there is no hiding. After the enemy Djinn fleet tracks down the remaining UEE fleet, Kita must go to the NOS and wake the ancient guns to save the UEE fleet. At the guns headquarters, the Angels discover an old enemy with a new coat of paint waiting for them.

The battle’s not over for the Angels. Sheppard had to pull all the ships guarding Earth and Mars to fight the Djinn, and Galina launches an attack to gain back the Earth Transfer Station. And that’s where I stopped earlier this afternoon. Come back next week to discover what happens next.

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