Li’ve Progress Update 27 March 2018

As I’m sure everyone saw last week’s blog post that Li’ve will be released next Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. So, why am I writing an update? That’s because the book’s not finished yet.

I have to admit writing the end has been slow. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how the book should end. There are a lot of characters that need an ending and they need to meet it in a fitting way. Also, a lot of questions have to be answered along the way. Like, what happened to Surge or Megan? Questions that have been floating out there since Sarin’s War.

The question I’m answering now is what is Galina’s deal? I mean, I know what it is, but getting it down coherently is hard. She’s got a lot of emotion built up, since Metamorphasis and Undead Enemies, and it doesn’t help that Kita shows up with Sheppard in her group. No, they haven’t been shipped. Sheppard found someone else. But she and Galina have history to put to rest. If you remember, Sheppard has her own baggage she’s been dragging around because of Galina besides their broken relationship.

We’ll see how much Kita feels like talking. Galina has a lot to answer for. Kita’s been very calm throughout the entire trip, even in the face of adversity. I think she’s calming a bit in her old age, but that is relative. She did blow up a ship the size of a Star Destroyer as revenge for being imprisoned. I don’t think Kita will simply blow Galina away. Kita wants her to suffer and will be willing to drop to Galina’s level to do it. Defiance has promised Kita a new Advanced Research Wing so Galina might be the first guest.

But the book doesn’t end there. Pheonix and Kamikaze are still out there and neither left happy with Kita. So, there will be some daughter drama coming. And, the series is entitled Game of the Gods, and gods aren’t done either. So there is more to write. I guess I should get busy.

Li’ve Progress 2 March 2018

Celebration time! I reached 100,000 words in twenty-seven chapters. I still have a ways to go. I’m guessing another 10,000 to 15,000 words should complete the story. It’ll be a good length, I think, and cover everything without dragging on or skipping something.

So what did I write about this week? In a word: Death. The battle of the Earth Orbital Station is a rough one. Kita and her group go in expecting one thing and find old enemies with new abilities. And it seems Galina has unlocked the mysteries of Surge and applied them. Also, the anti-Angel weapons seen in Sarin’s War are back.

It begs the question who’s side is Megan on? I haven’t answered that question myself. I’ll have to see how the conversation between Kita and Megan plays out. Megan has a lot to be angry with Kita over, but is it enough to betray Kita? If she isn’t betraying Kita why is she helping? Questions I need to answer.

So I mentioned death earlier and the Angels didn’t make it through the station unscathed. The hard part is finding something that will kill an Angel. Kita tries hard to make them as indestructible as possible, but they still have their weaknesses. In this case, it was another Angel’s abilities harnessed by Galina that killed a group of six Angels. Talli, Blitz(Zentix), Starlight(Hali), Valor, Cinnamon, and an elder Angel are killed in a fight. But, they’re not alone. A member of Kita’s inner circle also dies after her lover is killed by a driller.

Kita is taking it well, compared to other times she’s lost Angels. There won’t be a repeat of keeping someone in a stasis chamber for weeks. Right now she must set aside her grief and fight her way off the station.

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