If you love anime and want more adult content, these are the books for you!



In a primitive world of kill or be killed, the fallen angel Kita is the only force standing between the people of The Mass and a 5000-year-old evil.

But this world is home to more than Humans. Monsters, dinosaurs, AIs, lost civilizations, superhumans, gods, and galactic powers fight for their place in a world gone mad.

Kita recruits a group of gorgeous and powerful Angels to fight and destroy the wicked evils of the world. These sexy superpowered Angels fight hard and play even harder.

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  • KITA: Assassin, fire and water
  • SNOWY: Scientist, commander, claws
  • SARIN: gunslinger, sniper, sarin gas
  • BABYDOLL: Martial fighter, legionnaire
  • ANTHRAX: Doctor, banshee, anthrax gas
  • KATIE: Engineer, assassin, radiation
  • TINA: Intelligence operative, medic
  • ECHO: Tanker, commander, lasers, smoke
  • NINA: Researcher, ghost, gravity
  • And many more!

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“…It’s fricking awesome!” — Teken

“I would recommend all Kita books to anyone who enjoys plenty of action and sci-fi.” – Kristen

“A+++++ will read the next one” – Frankie Saxx

“Had me hooked at the beginning.” – Marsha

“an excellent. Read” – Kath

“This is one well thought out book! Damn I love it! Everything just flows and every character is just unique…” — Aschrafie

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