Li’ve Progress 8 Feb 2018

This week I worked on a lot of stuff not related to Live. I still did some writing, I passed 90k words, but I just finished the chapter from last week. The big space fleet on space fleet battle. Enterprise must cross the no mans land between the fleets and takes a pounding, even falling prey to a boarding attack like Kita launched in Rebirth. 

“The suspense may be less but the action are[sic] real”

That’s a quote from the latest review of Rebirth. Not sure where they got the idea Rebirth was a suspense novel. It was in the Action/Adventure category. I tried to make chapter twenty-five of Li’ve…maybe not suspenseful but at least thrilling. I’ll never pretend to be a suspense writer. Needless to say, I didn’t win any award from that contest. Though the sci-fi category hasn’t been released yet, so there’s still a chance for Birthright.

So you’re probably wondering what I’ve been doing all week besides writing. The big news is I’ve commissioned the cover for Li’ve. I hope to have the first draft back by the weekend. I’ve also commissioned a cover for Birthright. If you haven’t already, follow my blog and leave your email address and you’ll get a signed digital copy of Li’ve’s cover. I’ve added a twitter account and you can follow me at @FallenAngelKita. If you do follow me I tweet lines from Li’ve once a day.

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