Li’ve Release Date Update!

The editor working on the developmental edit for Li’ve is well past overdue. I expected to get it the manuscript back the beginning of December, and its still being worked on as of the date of this post.

The old plan was to release Li’ve early in February,  but there is still a line edit to do, and the timeline looks like it will slip to late March of April. I know everyone’s looking forward to Li’ve and I’m sorry this has taken so long. In the meantime, check out BykeChic an alternate reality Kita story.

Li’ve Progress 5 April 2018

I’m being very cliche today. I’m sitting in Starbucks, sipping coffee, and working on writing a book. I’m also listening to Pirates of the Carribean. It’s great music to write to, upbeat and screams adventure. I decided I needed a change of scenery as I work on one of the most important conversations in the book. Why Galina did it and what will be Kita’s reaction?

This has been a slow step-by-step process to write this combination of scenes each trying to build on the last until we reach this…the why. I’ve been through Megan, which frustrated Kita to no end. Not only because of the answer she got, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Megan was wise enough to know better than to stand in front of the juggernaut bearing down on Galina. Megan will have to be another problem for another day. Which is true for me, too. The book that follows this one, Crossroads: Infinity has Megan in it on the side of Kita. So I have some explaining to do. I haven’t thought of a story yet, but it could be another novella coming soon.

The reason writing has been slowed to a trickle is the end of Li’ve is already planned. I know what’s going to happen, I know the steps to get there. Which means it’s no fun to write. This is by no means my normal writing style of making it up as I go along. Not even I know where the end is until I get there. So, I’m working hard to make it feel organic like the rest of books I’ve written. Currently, I’m reading Return of the Fallen Angel: Book 4 to help maintain my voice and not break down into something mechanical and boring. That wouldn’t be fair to you the reader.

I know everyone is expecting a great climactic fight been Galina and Kita. And Kita has a lot of reason to, dead children, dead Angels, imprisonment, locked memories. Kita’s not alone either. Defiance what’s a piece for what Galina’s done to the Empire. *Spoiler* Baby Doll has a reason. Sarin does, and the list goes on. But right now, Kita hasn’t been feeling all fire and brimstone. The trek to get to Galina has been long and cost her much. She might be too worn out to do much more than throw Galina in a cell and put Defiance back on her throne. Both Sarin and Defiance have offered to build Kita a new Advanced Research Wing so Galina might end up there. We’ll just have to wait and see where Kita goes. She might have something much more sinister up her sleeve.

Li’ve Progress Update 27 March 2018

As I’m sure everyone saw last week’s blog post that Li’ve will be released next Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018. So, why am I writing an update? That’s because the book’s not finished yet.

I have to admit writing the end has been slow. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how the book should end. There are a lot of characters that need an ending and they need to meet it in a fitting way. Also, a lot of questions have to be answered along the way. Like, what happened to Surge or Megan? Questions that have been floating out there since Sarin’s War.

The question I’m answering now is what is Galina’s deal? I mean, I know what it is, but getting it down coherently is hard. She’s got a lot of emotion built up, since Metamorphasis and Undead Enemies, and it doesn’t help that Kita shows up with Sheppard in her group. No, they haven’t been shipped. Sheppard found someone else. But she and Galina have history to put to rest. If you remember, Sheppard has her own baggage she’s been dragging around because of Galina besides their broken relationship.

We’ll see how much Kita feels like talking. Galina has a lot to answer for. Kita’s been very calm throughout the entire trip, even in the face of adversity. I think she’s calming a bit in her old age, but that is relative. She did blow up a ship the size of a Star Destroyer as revenge for being imprisoned. I don’t think Kita will simply blow Galina away. Kita wants her to suffer and will be willing to drop to Galina’s level to do it. Defiance has promised Kita a new Advanced Research Wing so Galina might be the first guest.

But the book doesn’t end there. Pheonix and Kamikaze are still out there and neither left happy with Kita. So, there will be some daughter drama coming. And, the series is entitled Game of the Gods, and gods aren’t done either. So there is more to write. I guess I should get busy.

Li’ve Progress 21 February 2018

Sorry for not posting last week, but life happened and I didn’t get much writing done. This week I got back at it and have reached 96,000 words. Li’ve is going to be a long one.

I finished writing the big space battle and revealed the original purpose for the Neptune Orbital Station. It wasn’t always a massive colony. Like towns that dot the western US, it got its start as a fort. The fort is still part of the station and the guns are still active.

The beginning of the battle goes Kita’s way. She’s well prepared to handle the Djinn force she leads into UEE space. This gives some old characters new roles to play. Sheppard is in command, you love or hate her. The new Angel Jammer gets to shows off what she can do. During the battle, Enterprise has to make a daring hundred mile sprint to reach UEE lines.

For the second half of the battle, Kita and the UEE are forced to retreat back to Neptune after a much larger Djinn force drops in from FTL. If anyone read the comments from a few weeks ago a friend of mine M. A. Gardner posted his opposition to my giant force-on-force space battles in favor of smaller cat-and-mouse engagements between just a few ships. I put my reply in Li’ve, but in a nutshell, the problem with that is if you can get above and below the ecliptical plane you can see anywhere in a system, so there is no hiding. After the enemy Djinn fleet tracks down the remaining UEE fleet, Kita must go to the NOS and wake the ancient guns to save the UEE fleet. At the guns headquarters, the Angels discover an old enemy with a new coat of paint waiting for them.

The battle’s not over for the Angels. Sheppard had to pull all the ships guarding Earth and Mars to fight the Djinn, and Galina launches an attack to gain back the Earth Transfer Station. And that’s where I stopped earlier this afternoon. Come back next week to discover what happens next.

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Li’ve Progress 1 February 2018


This week has been all about space battles. I’ve watched hours of Battlestar Galactica, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and a few clips on Youtube that I don’t know what they were from. I’m not a real big TV science fiction junkie. I have my niches and that’s it. For BG fans you can flog me in the comments over what I’m about to say. I’m not a big fan of BG, it became too metaphysical.  I know, I know. I delve into the metaphysical and Li’ve will too, but not to the extreme BG did.

As you can guess this week’s chapter, (and maybe one more?), have to do with space battles. I’m not talking a few ship on ship battles like I saw in BG and some other clips. I’m talking hundreds of ships of all sizes going after each other, like Mass Effect (see clip below).

I don’t think small in my imagination. I also watched several documentaries on naval battles in the Pacific during WWII to see what actual ship to ship combat looked like. For the trivia fans, UEE Enterprise is named after the aircraft carrier “The Big E” USS Enterprise CVN-6. Carriers played a big role in WWII naval combat and they will in my story as well.

I know a few people are asking, where did Kita get a fleet of warships? It’s not what you, but who is your girlfriend. Earth’s new Emperor, the Angel Defiance, mobilizes her fleet to protect the Sol system from an invader.

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Li’ve Progress 24 January 2018

Today is one of those days. I’m on my fifth dew and I still can’t wake up. But, yesterday was a more productive day. I reached 85,000 words. This weeks chapter is all about lovebirds.

Sheppard has been looking for love for a while, even as the Valkyrie angels openly dislike/hate her, which doesn’t leave a lot of options. The first option was going to be with Stormy, but she ended up with Toxic. I thought Sheppard might be a good match for the new Angel Jammer, but Jammer is a committed pilot and is still processing her transformation. It didn’t seem right that she would be interested in pursuing a relationship. I was out of options when an unlikely party stepped forward. Those of you that have called a ship between Baby Doll and Sheppard can collect your winnings. I know they’re an unlikely pairing. They’ve been rivals since Baby Doll arrived late in the Irruption series. Baby Doll worked with Sheppard in Clouds and they got along well then. She seems to have accepted Sheppard’s change of heart more than any of the other Valkyrie angels. I like the pairing. They’re pretty close to being equals and both have strong alpha personalities. Both have had bad relationships in the past and aren’t going in doe-eyed. It will be interesting to see how Sheppard handles a fallen angel. Not that Baby Doll is especially bad on her own, but Sheppard has steered clear of dealing with them in the past. I’m interested in people’s reaction. Let me know in the comments.

The rest of the chapter is dedicated to Sahara and Snowy. Kita informs them of her plan to destroy the Djinn fleet. It doesn’t go over well, even as Kita promises them freedom back on the nameless planet. Kita has some more work to do to bring Sahara around. Right now, she’s given the job to Snowy.