Game of the Gods: Sarin’s War

The third book in the Game of the Gods series.

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The God of Pride returns to Earth.

For ten years, Sarin has endured the Political Bureau’s attempt to reprogram her brain and make her forget what happened on the lost world. Now, she’s home on Neptune with her father, a rich industrialist who fears her. But she isn’t the real danger. General Lyakhova of the Political Bureau plots to overthrow the Emperor and Sarin is determined to stop her.

What love existed between them has been replaced with mutual loathing. General Lyakhova betrayed the Angels and killed Sarin’s daughters in a jealous vendetta and Sarin intends to serve up nothing but revenge. General Lyakhova might have the power of the Political Bureau behind her, but Sarin is not alone. Angels have survived General Lyakhova’s purge—and they are coming. The stakes are higher than ever. If the Angels fail this time, Sarin knows that General Lyakhova won’t imprison them, she’ll execute them.

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