Young Kita

Given name: Katrina Marie Logine

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’6

Clothes: Leather armor, leggings, boots. The occasional dress when forced.

Weapons/Abilities: Sword and long dagger


Kita was born to the noble house Logine. She has an older brother, Jeffrey, and father, and mother, Duke Priatt and Duchess Marie. At the age of six, Kita saw Jeffrey learning the sword and she demanded to learn too. Even though it was forbidden for women to learn combat in Yorq, the Duchess, being of Arcone birth where weapon skills are taught to all, allowed her daughter to learn and protected Kita. As a sixth birthday present from the King of Yorq, Kita was given the war cat Sarge and the pair became inseparable.

At the age of sixteen Kita was raped by a family friend, Duke Cunningham. Duke Logine sided with Duke Cunningham for political reasons. Afterward, Kita spent as little time as she could with her noble family. She drifted into the dark underground world of the Shadow Guild. Where her swords and sexuality were welcomed. She was adopted by the Shadow Master and quickly rose to become his protégé.

At the age of eighteen Kita met Sarah, a Champignon assassin, and fell in love. When Sarah discovered Kita could use a sword, Kita became Sarah’s sparring partner. Impressed by Kita’s skills Sarah decided to teach Kita the ways of the Assassin Guild. When Sarah’s contract is complete, she left Kita without saying goodbye.

Hurt by Sarah, Kita split time between her noble home and her shadow guild home. She toured Champagne attending schools and competing in dueling tournaments. On her own, she expanded on Sarah’s assassin teachings and created her own unique version. She continued to train and work in the Shadow Guild hoping to one day join a mercenary band and leave her families behind for good.

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