Featured Angel: Talon

Given Name: Scarlett Kobb

Hair: Dark red

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’10

Wings: Patterned after a Barn Owl

Clothes: Bodysuit with big sleeves and oversized hood

Abilities: Sonic boom, talons on hands and feet


Culinary Specialist First Class Scarlett Kobb served aboard the colony ship. When the crew woke, she lived in the research city, Terra. After the War of Cleansing, she and her friend, Daphne Connelly, took to the high seas. Working their way through the ranks, they earned a ship of their own. They became buccaneers, searching out other pirates, smugglers, and illegal operators. Scarlett established a small settlement on an island and populated it with refugees and shipwreck survivors.

Scarlett rescued the Angels Nina and Anthrax from the hold of a ship where they were raped and tortured for weeks. When they arrived at Scarlett’s island, they found it destroyed by Mexork forces and Scarlett’s young son dead. Enraged, Scarlett searched for the traitor among her crew. When a radio was found, she threatens to shoot everyone until the traitor came forward. Daphne jumped in front of Scarlett’s pistol, and Scarlett shoots her. After losing her ship in a vote of no confidence, Scarlett barricades herself in her quarters and drinks while the ship sails for a safe port. Only after Nina tries to kill herself and a long talk with Anthrax does Scarlett realize her mistakes.

The ship arrived in a small settlement governed by General Forrester. Sarin is there helping the Arconian Black Watch find safety from the alligator people. Sarin believed Anthrax and Nina were dead and was grateful to Scarlett for returning them safely. When news arrived that Quill, Sarin’s daughter, is dead, Scarlett helped Sarin deal with the loss, and they become close friends. Scarlett helped the Angels defend the settlement and was invited back to Roost to live among the Angels. After Thorn and Sheppard force Kita from Roost, Scarlett returned to her ship.

Ten thousand years later, Scarlett has her ship taken, and she worked as a missionary. She tried to help build communities, but she was unable to protect them from enemies. Tired, humiliated, hungry, and alone, she wandered until she saw Kita’s flaming trail in the sky.

Scarlett tracked Kita to Brickforge and entered the forge Inferno with Kita, but kept her identity a secret. As Sammy, Scarlett stuck up for Kita several times. In one instance, she was nearly beaten to death. Only by making Scarlett an Angel is Kita able to save her. Scarlett helped Kita take Inferno and was rewarded with three Angels to form the Owlery, a group of missionary Angels. When Scarlett revealed her identity to Kita, the Angel leader doesn’t seem surprised.

After the Angels of the Owlery are killed in battle, Scarlett held their deaths against Kita. Kita made Scarlett a high angel for all the good she’s done. This created a unique bond between Kita and Scarlett, and Scarlett becomes a member of Kita’s inner circle.

When the Angel Galina betrayed Kita, Scarlett, as a citizen of the United Earth Empire, was transported to Earth. On Earth, Scarlett became the guardian of the young Angel Talli, who Galina tried to teach to be an assassin. When Sarin arrived on Earth, Galina sent Talli and Scarlett after her. Sarin beat the young Angel easily, and only Scarlett’s intervention kept Sarin from killing the youngster. Scarlett and Talli readily agree to join Sarin. On a mission with the new Angel Cinnamon, Scarlett fell in love with her, and they started a relationship.

Scarlett helped Sarin retake the UEE frontier and Neptune from Galina’s forces. After Kita arrives in UEE space, Sarin’s group of Angels joined with Kita’s, and they repelled Collector’s forces. The battle required all available UEE ships and Galina seized the moment and attacked the vulnerable Earth Transfer Station. A silver man wielding lightning killed Scarlett and her group of Angels during the fighting.

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