Given Name: Roo Chow

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’8

Wings: Ruby red crystal

Clothes: Ruby red bodysuit, utility belt

Weapons/Abilities: swords, crystal bracers


Born a second-generation colonist, Roo grew up in the research city Genova and became a gifted scientist. During the War of Cleansing, Genova was destroyed, and Roo resettled in The Orient region becoming a weaver and jewelry maker. She remained after Kita blocked all viable routes into The Orient.

During the Mexork war, a group of retreating Arconians rescued Roo when the humans attacked The Orient. She went with them to live in their settlement in the swamp. Because of her scientific background, Roo went to work for Megan, the matriarch of the Arconians. After the humans drove the Arconians from the swamp, Roo moved to the home islands of Arcone to help Megan with several massive building projects, including the Vault and the destroyers.

When Kita arrived to escape her regular life, Megan seized the opportunity and had Kita create three Angels to help defend the home islands against the growing Machine menace. Kita selected Roo, along with Tiffany and Emily. They formed the Angels known as the Gems. Roo became Ruby. Kita and Roo gravitated together and partnered.

When the other Angels found Kita five years later, Roo had to fend off Kita’s old partner Snowy. Megan sent the Gems to live with Kita so they could learn to become elite fighters and to lose their cocky and hubris attitudes. Kita tried to assimilate the Gems by bulling them.

Roo disapproved of Kita’s actions. When Snowy ripped Roo’s heart out, Kita reluctantly brought Roo back to life, but Roo refused to be grateful. Forced to choose sides between Kita and the Gems, Roo chose the Gems. Kita used this opportunity to dump Roo and rekindle her relationship with Snowy. Roo became a staunch defender of the Gems and Megan. Using intimidation, Kita wore the other Gems down. Feeling alone and abandoned, Roo committed suicide by jumping from the roof of KitaCorp Tower.

Roo’s funeral was held on the Arcone home islands, but not without controversy. Some of the Angels blamed Kita for Roo’s death. When the clans learned Roo committed suicide, they refused to participate, and Kita forced them and the reluctant Angels to attend.

During the funeral, Kita and the other gods used a new technique to bring Roo back as a ghost. The technology came from newly discovered Machine technology. Kita apologized to Roo and admitted she handled everything poorly. Roo admitted her own mistakes, and they part as friends.

Roo remained with the Angels helping to defend The Mass from the Machines and Harbingers until Kita is forced to recombine the temporary universe they’ve been living in with the real one. When this happened, Roo vanished.


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