Name: Katie

Hair: Brown

Height: 4’10

Wings: Black with a purple refraction

Clothes: Top fashioned like a star, low-rise jeans, utility belt, and combat boots

Weapons: Scimitars

Abilities: Radiation blast, mass radiation discharge, berserker


Katie hailed from a small seaside village in the far north of The Mass along the eastern coast. She ran away from home after the mysterious death of her sister, fearing she would be blamed. She drifted south, taking odd jobs and surviving on her wits.

Years later, she arrived in the city of Leadings and caught the eye of Kita’s brother, Jeffrey. During the Arconian assault on the city, Snowy and Kita found Katie hiding in a room of the keep. Katie’s indifference and fearless attitude in the face of Kita and Snowy endeared her to them. Kita invited Katie back to Roost.

Kita discovered Katie is a berserker and offered to train her both in the ways of berserking and sword. Afterward, Kita made Katie the fifth Angel. As an Angel, Katie apprenticed to the giant robot Paladin and learned electronics, computers, and engineering. In her free time, she can be found playing computer games or adding more figurines of her favorite comics and games to her collection.

Katie developed a puppy dog love affair with Kita’s sister, Tina. When Katie tried to take the next step with Tina, Tina refused. Embarrassed and hurt, Katie ran away from the group, returning home. There she learned the truth behind her sister’s death and accidentally killed the woman responsible. For this action, Katie became a fallen angel. A group of rogue legionnaires captures Katie. Kita and the other angels rescue her during the Battle of LCom.

As Katie’s training progressed, Kita taught her to be an assassin. Katie learned quickly and became a master. Kita was impressed with Katie and made her the leader of the Commandoes, Kita’s ultra-elite fighting force. During a raid against a Sturmtruppen headquarters, Katie and Tina find Jeffrey waiting for them in a trap meant for Kita. Jeffrey mistook Katie for Kita and killed the young Angel. Jeffrey escaped and Kita was heartbroken over the loss of her student, keeping Katie’s body in her sanctuary unable to say goodbye.

Katie is resurrected by Tina a year after Tina and Angus disappeared from Roost during Angus’ attack on the space station. Tina refused to divulge how she resurrected Katie when they meet Kita and the other Angels in the Orient. Katie is more than happy to rejoin her old friends, abandoning Tina. After the Red Legion is defeated in The Orient, Kita decides to leave. Katie agreed to accompany Kita into space to see the stars.

When Kita returned to The Mass, Katie returned with her. When Kita and her family are banned from Roost, Katie accompanied them to Hades.

Katie was sent with Spike, Foxy, and Kamikaze to infiltrate Mexork territory and find evidence of human and Mexork dealings. During their infiltration, they discover a Mexork factory turning live humans into Mexorks. The group decided to save the humans by stealing the train storing the humans. During the escape, Katie sacrificed herself to block the pursuers. For this action, Katie is elevated to a high angel.

Katie makes another appearance as a ghost to help train Kita’s forces during the Harbinger attack. She vanished when she tried to pick up a soul key.

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