Featured Angel: Kamikaze

Given name: Katrina Marie

Hair: None

Eyes: Blue

Height 5’10

Wings: None

Clothes: Fur, markings like a snow leopard, utility belt

Abilities: Generate ice, freezing touch, mass accelerator, mirroring, phasing, EMP blast, sonic blast, retractable claws


Kamikaze is the only biological daughter of Kita. She is an anthropomorphic mix of a snow leopard and human female. Snowy, Kita’s ex, created Kamikaze while Kita was away exploring the galaxy. Kamikaze was raised by Snowy on legends of the black angel and the amulet that could bring her return if all the pieces were assembled. When she was six, Snowy faked her own abduction leaving Kamikaze to fend for herself. Believing her mother to be in danger, Kamikaze set out to collect the pieces.

At the age of sixteen, Kamikaze secured the final piece and on her deathbed summoned the black angel. Kita found Kamikaze near death and believing Kamikaze was Snowy, she took her back to her ship. A simple DNA test confirms Kamikaze as Kita’s child. Kita became mom and Kamikaze became the youngest of Kita’s daughters. A young vampire name Felicia took an interest in Kamikaze, and the pair fell in love.

Kamikaze joined the ranks of the Angels and helped discover Snowy’s fate and the cause of the ecological disaster that reshaped their homeworld. She discovered she has a third mother, the god Re’drum, an observer of the universe. The donor cells from Kita used to create Kamikaze were drawn when Re’drum was inside Kita and part of the god was passed to Kamikaze. Re’drum informed Kamikaze she is the god E’gar. Kamikaze learned that Snowy’s abduction was a ruse. She promised never to forgive Snowy, and though Kita tried to mend the breach, their relationship remained cold and distant.

When Kamikaze’s sister, Spike, decided to defect to the enemy Mexorks, she and Felicia go after her. During their search, they encounter Kita’s estranged brother, Jeffrey. Unbeknown to Kamikaze, Re’drum had programmed Felicia to protect Kamikaze at all costs. Felicia locked Kamikaze in a Legion outpost and died fighting Jeffrey. After Kita killed Jeffrey, Re’drum admitted what she has done. Kamikaze swore she would rather die than be Re’drum’s child. Kita brokered a deal between the pair that Re’drum will not attempt to raise Kamikaze until the end of the universe.

After the Angels are kicked out of Roost, they resettle in Kita’s human empire, Hades. Over the next four years, Kita taught Kamikaze to be an assassin. Kamikaze proved to be a creative and pragmatic assassin and person. When a plot between the humans and Mexorks surfaced, Kita sent Kamikaze, Spike, Katie, and Foxy to investigate. During their search, they uncover the Mexorks turning the humans into more Mexorks. In an attempt to save a train full of humans, the group separated. Kamikaze and Spike were left on the train. Seeing a chance to avenge Felicia’s death, Kamikaze abandoned her sister to seek revenge on Angus, the leader of the Mexorks. Re’drum alerted Kita to her plan and teleported Kita to intercept Kamikaze. Kita opts to break the god’s rules and has Re’drum move Kamikaze to safety. With Re’drum’s help, Kita removed Angus from the universe. For this offense, the gods imprisoned Kita for a hundred thousand years. Kamikaze swore to guard Kita’s prison.

Ten thousand years later, Kita awakened, and Kamikaze followed her to the city of Brickforge. Kamikaze helped Kita take the city and falls in love with the new Angel Tenshi. After her long ordeal taking the city, Kita ordered Kamikaze some R&R. Kamikaze and Tenshi lived the next eight months in a simulator aboard the spaceship Edinburgh.

During the war with the Machines and Harbingers, Kamikaze was a stout defender of Kita. Even though she was Kita’s heir, Kita declined to make her the leader of the younger Angels, leaving Kamikaze free to do as she pleased. When Kita disappeared for long periods, Kamikaze and Tenshi searched on their own and skipped the drama at home. Toward the end of the war, Kamikaze became the co-leader of the Angelic/god group known as the Valkyries with her sister Phoenix.

After the Angel Punishment’s betrayal of Kita, Kamikaze led the Valkyries out into the universe in search of Kita’s three parts: her angelic body, her symbiotic alien Aa’hegre, and her god. When Kita’s body awoke, Kamikaze appeared to help guide Kita to her Aa’hegre.

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