Game of the Gods: Clouds

The second book in the Game of the Gods series.

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The God of Evil is searching for her oldest friend.

A billion years ago, the A’ahegre traveled the stars searching for safe refuge from the Kiltrex, an insect-like species that is an apex predator. The A’ahegre found salvation, not in distance, but evolution. Now, they are beings comprised mostly of energy that form symbiotic relationships with a host species exchanging knowledge and unique abilities for experience and sustenance.

For two years, Kita has searched for an A’ahegre to lead her to their homeworld. But, finding the elusive A’ahegre in Tetrahedron space has proven difficult. Kita and her band of mercenaries infiltrate a criminal cartel rumored to have an Aurorian with unique abilities. Her cover exposed, the Aurorian flees. Now, Kita gives chase determined to find her A’ahegre and fill the hole in her soul.

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