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Birthright is the exciting opening novel to the Ascension series. It takes place on a fantasy world where hidden technology left by forgotten colonizers waits to be discovered. As Kita discovers the forgotten realms, an old enemy that has waited eons for her emerges while her home region of Yorq falls into civil war. Kita and her friends must lead her new forces to save her region in a war that will explode into a global conflict. FREE on Kindle Unlimited, $.99 download.

The first book in the Ascension series

Project Omega and Angel of Yorq are the FREE prequels to the opening novel Birthright. Project Omega takes place 25 years before Birthright about how the Legion Command Angus introduces Kita’s parents and his plan for their children. In Angel of Yorq, Kita win’s the Champignon men’s sword dueling championship, but is discovered and imprisoned. With the help of the princess, Kita must fight her way free and escape the castle back to Yorq.

The Angels come from all over time and space. As Kita makes friends, she turns them into Angels to help her battle the evil that has taken over her planet and later, the galaxy. Each Angel is unique given special powers and abilities. All Angels can fly, but some can turn into dragons, control minds, or even control the fabric of Reality itself.

If you like audiobooks, you’ll love Rebirth and BykeChic narrated by Natalie Stewart. Both these books are the first books in their respective series, Rebirth is for Game of the Gods and BykeChic is for The New Angels. Both of these standalone series happen after Ascension. Game of the Gods is the aftermath of Ascension, and The New Angels comes after Game of the Gods. Below is a chapter from Rebirth and BykeChic. Both novels are free for members.

The first book in the Game of the Gods series.
The first book in The New Angels series
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