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So, I’m giving you a chance to win a signed book off my shelf. The best thing? As a Patreon member of Kita’s, you’re entered.  The winner will be announced 30 APR 2020.

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Angel of Yorq Audiobook sample

Three weeks ago I started working with Alycia Younker on doing an audiobook for Birthright. This is a sample from Angel of Yorq. Tell us what you think? Does her voice match Kita’s in your head?

October’s Story: Twelve Bravo

Here is your monthly story update! Twelve Bravo is the first story in the New Angel Saga. It has Kita as a nineteen-year-old serving in the US Army during World War III. It pays homage to all the Cold War-era soldiers. This is what they trained to prevent and willing to sacrifice to stop.

Click on the link to download the story as a PDF or read the story on the webpage.

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New line drawing for Razor’s Pass

This is hot off the drawing board done by my artist, Mrinmoy Kar. It’s going to be the cover of Razor’s pass.

Omega Project

I’m busy moving my office and swapping it with our living room. This is supposed to give me more privacy, I swear. It’ll be the dogs and me. The kids will be relegated to the other side of the house. We shall see if this works!

I did make it to the library today, and I found Rebirth on the shelf! It feels like quite the accomplishment to have my book in a library. I also wrote some today. I started a new story called the Omega Project. If you’ve read the release version of Birthright, then you should recognize the name. If you haven’t, it’s on sale now!

The Omega Project is about how Angus found Kita’s parents, got their DNA, and discovered they had all the necessary genes to find Omega. It’s a short story, and I plan to include it with the paperback version of Razor’s Pass. Look for it this winter.

Click on the link to download the story as a PDF or read the story on the webpage.

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Kita in Wonderland

“Do watch where you sit, Kita dear. The rumpgnawers and skullpeckers have already claimed their seats.”
Before Kita sat six identical wooden chairs with no distinguishing marks of any kind, she looked at the delicate tea set properly laid out in proper fashion. Only some of the teacups had been turned right side up.
“Will this be a high tea or low tea?”
The Hatter turned up his long, crooked nose. “A high tea, of course.”
“Then you should teach your guests better table manners.” Kita sat on a chair with a downturned cup. A chair next to her growled in disappointment. “It’s not my fault you weren’t brought up in proper society,” Kita told the creature. It growled again. “You keep growling, and I will give you something to growl about,” Kita warned. A trail of fire danced from a candle to her hand. The fire glowed brightly in Kita’s eyes. “Now, do be a dear and run along and play,” she ordered the rumpgnawer as she doused the fireball. “I see we’re expecting a third.”

“A third, a fourth, a fifth, yes, dear? Who knows? The Architect doesn’t run by the rabbit. But we must be ready. The more the bloody merrier.”
“Indeed, so what is keeping our friend?”
The Hatter laughed. “It’s got too much tea in its pot. You can’t hold a tea party if you don’t have enough tea or if you have too much. You have to have the right amount.”
“And what happens when you drink all the tea?” said Kita with a curious smile.
“We start on the biscuits, of course.”
Kita stood up. “And where will I find The Architect?”
“We haven’t finished tea yet. You simply must have tea.”
“I will not. Biscuits do not wait until the end. It is improper and rude.”
“You must finish tea,” the Hatter cried.
“I will finish tea if you tell me why The Architect is having trouble.” The Architect was the mental construct in charge of Kita’s mechanical animals. They, in turn, helped her understand and emulate the emotions of others.
“Everyone knows why. The cloud takes and takes, even the tea. Some mechanical animals rust away without even a biscuit.”
“That would be a bad thing,” Kita muttered. “So, let us have tea.” Kita opened her hand, and all the tea left the pots and kettles and flew into a giant ball. She flung the ball at the Hatter, wrapping it around his head. He choked and struggled as he drowned.

“Too bad it won’t last.”

Kita awoke and sighed. Wonderland was one of her favorite nightmares. It almost made the world in her head make sense.

Kita in Wonderland copyright 2019

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