March’s Story: Hatacha

Hi, everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks, but I’ve been busy. I’ve edited Breakout and got it off to the editor and I’ve plotted out the The Legion the next book after Her Glory. For those wondering how these all fit together it goes Return->Breakout->Her Glory->The Legion. Her Glory is a book of short stories some are pre-Birthright, but most take place between Return and The Legion. I have a couple more stories to write for Her Glory, but I expect it to be out late 2021.

Also, Earth 832 is now in prerelease. So, if you want to know where Kita’s going make sure to reserve your copy. 

Hatacha is a flash fiction I wrote years ago. It takes place between Sacrifice and Unbalanced (Look for Unbalanced to be released on this site soon!). After the events of Sacrifice the Angels are scattered across The Mass in different competing groups. In this story Raptor, Pershing, and Frostbane are trying to reach Hades, a kingdom founded by followers of Kita. To get there they must venture into the dark gloom of the Forest of Ash, a place full of wild animals and ravager tribes.

Want the story? Get it at Patreon: March’s Story: Hatacha | Fallen Angel Kita on Patreon

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